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Welcome to the Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery blog, here is where we will be highlighting events and news from around the winery.


Richard Krumwiede
December 4, 2020 | Richard Krumwiede

Family Winemakers of California COVID fact sheet

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Richard Krumwiede
June 30, 2020 | Richard Krumwiede

Tasting Room OPEN

We are happy to report the Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

We are looking forward to once again sharing the award winning wines and inspired friendship that you have come to know and love! 

We have implimented new policies, procedures and practices to ensure that your visit to the Ranch is both safe and enjoyable.

  • All tastings are by appointment only. 

  • We will be open for tastings Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

  • The inside tasting room bar is closed. All tastings will be held outdoors at our wine barrel umbrella tables. 
    All of our barrel umbrella tables will be positioned to provide six-foot minimum social distancing requirement between groups.

  • All tables will be seated with no more than six persons.

  • Groups must be from the same household or patrons that have asked to be seated together. People in the same group do not have to be 6' apart.

  • We are discouraging the moving of any table or chair to ensure that we do not violate the social distancing directives.

  • All members of a group must be present in order to be seated to minimize inter table interaction.

  • If you are seated, you may remove your face covering, but it is highly recommended if you get up from your table, that you wear your face covering. 

  • All drinks and food will be served at your table.

  • We will offer three seating times– 11am, 1:15pm, and 3:30pm, to allow our employees adequate time to clean and sanitize the tasting area between groups. Tastings usually last 90 minutes

  • Because of the increased outdoor seating area in front of the winery building, we no longer allow parking in the winery driveway.  Please park in our new off-street gravel parking lot (AWD recommended) or in a safe pull out area on Dart Canyon Rd. and follow the signs to the winery building. 

  • For the safety of everyone, all Guests will be required to provide names and contact information for Covid tracing. 

  • Guests are free to bring snacks/food to enjoy with their wine tasting. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, we have teamed with the Grapevine in Lake Arrowhead to provide individual cheese/charcuterie boxes to enjoy with your tasting. The cost is $8 and must be ordered in advance when you reserve your tasting.

For Reservations call the tasting room (909) 338-1725 or email

or Order ONLINE

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Richard Krumwiede
July 5, 2017 | Richard Krumwiede

Double Gold at the SFIWC!

SRV Medals with Six of Their Wines!

Well this is good news, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery, your local vintner of hand crafted wines and ciders has just been informed that it's wines have won several medals including DOUBLE GOLD for our 2015 Syrah, in the 2017 San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC)! 

My, oh my, this is exciting news, we are all thrilled with the results. This was not a small lot or specialty winery contest- this was a "real deal" competition in the heart of the California wine industry. This year's competition featured more than 4,200 commercial wines from 31 countries world wide.

The full listing of awards bestowed on our vintages are below, and each entry is linked to purchase on our website. They are also available at selected fine retailers or by appointment at the Ranch Tasting Room.

We are so very honored to pour our Award Winning wines- just for you!

San Francisco International Wine Competition Results:

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, 94 points, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Syrah, Love Ranch, Madera County, USA, $35

GOLD MEDAL, 90 points, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Primitivo, Paso Robles, USA, $35. 

SILVER MEDAL, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Grenache, Windmill Ranch, Ballard Canyon, USA, $30. 

SILVER MEDAL, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Premium Red Blend, Central Coast, USA, $40.

SILVER MEDAL, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Petite Sirah, El Pomar District, Paso Robles, USA, $40.

BRONZE MEDAL, Sycamore Ranch Vineyard & Winery 2015 Red Rhône Blend, California, USA, $35.


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Richard Krumwiede
June 23, 2017 | Richard Krumwiede

Crafting a Win!

SRV takes Gold with their Signature GSM Rhone Style Blend. 

Winemaking is a marathon and not a sprint, sometimes the results can be months or years in the making. We have methodically built up our knowledge and skills to craft wines of exceptional taste. Nothing says job well done more than recognition from our peers.

The results are in!

In our first year competing as a licensed winery, we received a Gold, three Silver and three Bronze medals at the Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition. You can view the official notification here.

We are pretty proud of our achievements and hope that our efforts can win the most important prize of all- making great memories with our customers. 

You can make purchases of each of these wines here on our website, or if you are feeling adventurous, the tasting room and winery are available by reservation.

Give us all call, let’s spend some time together enjoying hand crafted, award winning SRV wines.


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Richard Krumwiede
April 10, 2017 | Richard Krumwiede

Welcome to Sycamore Ranch!

Hello, and welcome to the NEW!

Our new website is just getting started. Features include event calendar, special events notices, photo galleries, stories about the winery, vineyards and most of all the new site allows you to purchase wine directly from SRV from the comfort of your home or office.

Whether you are just finding Sycamore Ranch Vineyards & Winery or if you are a seasoned "Ranch Hand," we want to welcome you to the newest venture.

It's been a long, but satisfying journey from our humble beginnings to being a fully licensed and bonded winery. It is our sincere wish that our dedication to craft, and attention to detail will be evident to every one from the home page of the website to the first sip of our hand crafted wines and hard ciders. 

Take a peek around, contact us for a tasting visit or peruse our ever expanding portfolio of Rhone and Bordeaux varietals. As winemaker and proprietor, I look forward to pouring for you and hope to see you many more times in the future.

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